March 22, 2019


Find a Farmer

Have you considered the long-term value of your farm?

Has your farm been in the family for many years and is a testament to your past?

Is your land part of a broad portfolio of investments that

will impact not just you but your kids and grand kids too?

If any of these examples sound like you, then the farmland you own is not something that you will sell or give up anytime soon. It is a part of you. For many landowners, working with the right farmer to rent their farm is the best way to bring long-term value to their land.

What are you looking for in the producer who will rent your farmland?

  • A farmer who understands and promotes soil health
  • A farmer who is using technology to be efficient in how they grow and manage their crop
  • A farmer who is a steward of the soil and water and sees conservation as the key to future growth
  • A farmer who is trustworthy with good character
  • A farmer who understands that the value of the land is dependent on the practices that help promote higher productivity
  • A farmer who has a long-term plan, not just for your land but for their farming operation as well
  • A farmer who knows that managing water improves the field’s overall productivity

Many landowners today don’t live in the same area as their farmland. If this is you, how do you find a farmer to rent your land when you don’t know where to turn? Bird Dog can help.

If you are looking for someone who understands your goals for your farm, we can help you find a farmer who will be right for you and your land. Let’s get started.

It’s Your Land, It’s Your Legacy

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