April 5, 2017


Are you  looking to grow your farm?Find a farm

It is hard to rent ground when there are good people farming all around you. You want to grow your operation, but don’t want to go about it the wrong way in a small community of farmers. Let Bird Dog be your solution to find a farm.

Bird Dog allows you to connect with landowners who are looking for different farmers to rent their land. It allows a landowner to evaluate you and your farming practices and determine who is best to farm their land. Landowners and farmers have never had a way of doing business like this before, but now they do.

Why work with Bird Dog to find a farm?

Up to 50% of landowners do not live in the same community as their land. This makes building relationships and connecting with those in your community much more difficult than in years past. It is the landowner who makes the decision that it is time to change tenants; this allows you to connect with landowners with a clear conscience.

  • You have a story to share with landowners. You are doing many great things on your farm but, until now, have had no way of sharing those things with prospective landlords.
  • Your reputation is something that takes years to build, but only seconds to destroy.
  • We know your family is important. We know you want to give your kids the same opportunities you have had.
  • You want to grow your business beyond what your dad and granddad put together. Creating your own legacy is hard work but very rewarding.
  • We also understand that there is a right way and a wrong way of doing business. Growing with integrity is something that won’t be compromised.

If you are interested in growing your farm and connecting with landowners who are looking for a new tenant, then let’s get started. For only $899/year, you can be part of the marketplace. If you want to be pursued by landowners, give me a call to get started.

Call Dave at 765-894-7166 or connect through email at [email protected]