7 Steps to Find the Right Farmer Tenant

How do I find the farmer to rent my land? Finding the right farm tenant can be a stressful undertaking. For most landowners, a renter change doesn’t happen often. But when it does happen, it can mean partnering with a farmer who can bring you long-term value just by how they manage your farm. Here Read more about 7 Steps to Find the Right Farmer Tenant[…]

Is Bird Dog a Farm Management Company?

As I have talked with many growers throughout the country, one questions that continues to come up in conversation is “are you a farm management company?” With no hesitation, the answer is quickly “not at all.” Although there are times where a landowners’ work with a farm management company may be beneficial, but that may Read more about Is Bird Dog a Farm Management Company?[…]

How does Bird Dog process work?

1. Create a Bird Dog Profile First set up your profile, including your user name, password, operational details and references, along with management team member information. 2. Complete the Grower Questionnaire Next complete a series of questions about how you farm, what you believe about farming and how you manage your operation. These questions will Read more about How does Bird Dog process work?[…]