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What’s is your farming philosophy?

What is your Farming Philosophy? “What is your farming philosophy?” In most circles this seems like an odd question. It is not one that will make the national news or be asked by host Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. It is a question I think most people don’t give any thought to ask, even Read more about What’s is your farming philosophy?[…]


Personality-Yours and how you Interact with Others

What’s you personality profile? Last week I introduced the topic of knowing your personality profile and how important this is in building and maintaining relationships. Today I want to give you a few personal scenarios from my experience than many of you could relate to. I first want to share a little about my personality Read more about Personality-Yours and how you Interact with Others[…]

Farmland for rent

Understanding your personality profile and everyone else’s!

What’s your personality profile? Over the years, there have been people I have really connected with and we have formed a close relationship. Looking back at my childhood, I can remember those I was drawn to and we became good friends. These were the guys I wanted on my kickball team at recess and with Read more about Understanding your personality profile and everyone else’s![…]

Are You a Desirable Farmer? (for Landlords, Silly!)

Are landlords checking you out? In todays competitive environment you need to be positioning yourself for maximum impact as landowners consider changing tenants. So what makes you desirable? Be yourself. Everyone has something unique and special. Farmers are no different. Make sure you know thyself and how you are different from the masses…or at least Read more about Are You a Desirable Farmer? (for Landlords, Silly!)[…]

Managing Reputation During Farm Expansion

Since the late 1970’s farmland rental has exploded. This seismic shift coincided with many aging farmers retiring and/or simply going out of business. Rather than all of the land selling to other farmers, numbers of investors and absentee landowners have grown. The next generation is holding onto the farm as both a dividend producing asset Read more about Managing Reputation During Farm Expansion[…]