March 17, 2016

About Us

Why you are here. Why we are here.

After spending many years working with farmers, I would listen to good producers talk about not being able to grow their farm. I would watch as farmers who lacked attention to detail and the value of stewardship rent more land, just because they offered more money to the landowner. When this happens everyone looses, especially you the landowner.

The way to rent farmland had to change.

As a landowner, you play a major role in the quality of the food being produced. Food quality always starts with good soil quality. The producer you rent your farmland to, will make the soil better or cost you in the long run just by the way they farm it. The long-term effects of poor stewardship is costly to you and those who will benefit from your investment in the future.

Bird Dog give you the landowner an option to find a farmer and rent your farmland to someone who is more in line with your goals for the farm. That is why we are here! Are you looking to find the right farmer to rent your farmland to?

“It’s professional and it’s the future” – Mike Wilson – Farm Futures

Rent your farmland

Mike Wilson: The business of farming- Land rent moves beyond word of mouth

“They care about the connection between the landowner and the farmer” -Tim Hammerrich- Future of Agriculture Podcast

Rent your Farmland

Future of Agriculture Podcast: Farmland Ownership and Cash Rent

Dave Myers -Co-Founder of Bird Dog

“There has never been a good solution in the marketplace, landowners now have options when finding a farmer who is right for them and their land.”