Could an entrepreneur be good help, especially on the farm?

Could an entrepreneur be good help, especially on the farm?

Farming is an ever-changing business. For many farmers, finding high-quality help can be a huge problem that is difficult to overcome, especially with today’s equipment becoming more and more sophisticated. Monitors and controllers are helping each farmer view their work and make changes in an instant. The cost of this technology, along with the actual implement itself, gives farmers an unbelievable investment that they are entrusting to their employees.Entrepreneur

Let’s face it, being able to read data, situations, and environment, then make a decision is not something everyone is comfortable with and capable of. So how does a farming operation find this type of individual and hire them? It could be a fairly simple solution.

Let’s break down this individual you are likely looking for. I think we could sum this person up as a self-starter. They look for what needs done and do it. They are someone you don’t have to babysit when there is a task to do. They are also someone who can communicate well and share information.

As you know, there are many things that happen every day on the farm. Being able to share with you what is going on or what they are seeing is a very positive trait. The lack of this quality can mean many headaches. How well can they interact with you? Do they have the ability to problem solve?

You know the difference between someone you can trust and someone who just holds down a tractor seat. Solving difficult problems when you have worked 70 hours and are exhausted isn’t something just anyone can do. Making the right decision every time is necessary when you are running equipment. The wrong one can be tragic to both you and those around you.

So who am I describing? An entrepreneur.

Hiring an Entrepreneur

Have you considered hiring an entrepreneur? Often, someone starting a business needs additional income, yet has a flexible schedule. Bringing them onto your farm can help you during your busy season and give them the extra income to make their business work. This becomes a win-win situation for both the farm and the employee.

In some ways, this is like an incubator, which is a term used to describe a place where businesses utilize and share space, employees, equipment etc. in order to help start and grow. Some farming operations have been doing this already.

Depending on the type of business this employee owns, it can mean you are able to utilize their expertise on the farm also. There are many benefits to finding this person because they can help improve your operation.

One risk when hiring this type of employee is that when their business gets to a certain point, it’s quite possible they will want to strike out on their own. That is okay, what a legacy to encourage. To help someone build a business and better their life is something we should all be proud to do. The reality is that turnover in employees can always be an issue, especially on the farm. It makes sense to start with someone who can help you and your farm for the time they are there, versus wondering if the guy will do the job right.

I know there are many details about setting up this type of arrangement that I did not cover today. Make sure you and your employees go through these details and seek professional help if necessary.

What do you think, is this something that could benefit your farm? Let me know your thoughts.

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