It’s Love of the Land, not Land Management

The key to land management, love of the land.

One of the most celebrated, most talked about, and most anticipated
events just happLand Managementened this weekend. It was the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby. In two minute and three seconds Always Dreaming crossed the finish line, leaving behind a number of other really fast horses. Even though there was only one winner, there were 19 other horses in the showcase event. And every owner, rider, trainer, and others who contributed to the success of each horse would not have been any other place. They were where they wanted to be on that very big day. But why? Why is this event so important? Because they love horses and they love horse racing.

Horse owners have a unique love for their horses that many, including myself, struggle to understand. They raise horses because that is what they do and they can’t not have them. I used to think it is just a hobby. But to horse owners, it is their life. In some ways, I am envious of this “I have to do this” lifestyle. But as I think about landowners, they are much the same way.

Why do you own your land?

If you were just looking at it as if it were “cash in the bank,” you would have sold it long ago. If it was just an investment that returned a higher return quickly, there are many other options besides land. But to you, this is not just an investment in a long-term financial plan, even though it is a solid asset. To you, your land is personal. It’s a reminder of your past and the hope of your future.  It is something that you will hang on to for as long as you can with the hope of passing it down.

Like anything you own that is of importance, taking care of it and managing it to its fullest is very important. Like any derby horse, there are a number of people who advise the owner on how best to care, feed, train, and manage this magnificent athlete. As a land owner, who is that for you? Who is in your stall to help you with your farmland? Next week I will get into more detail of who should be in your corner when it comes to your land management decisions and how they can help you with your farmland.

In my opinion, a good farmer to whom you are renting your land, someone who understands your goals and objectives for the future, should be one of the most important. Like you the landowner, and the horse owners, the farmer could do a number of other things that would be much more profitable, but most don’t. Why? Because they love to farm. Are you working with someone who knows what is important to you, even after you have communicated that to them? If not, Bird Dog can help. After all, it’s your land and it’s your legacy.

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