Personality-Yours and how you Interact with Others

What’s you personality profile?

Last week I introduced the topic of knowing your personality profile and how important this is in building and maintaining relationships. Today I want to give you a few personal scenarios from my experience than many of you could relate to. I first want to share a little about my personality type.

As you look at the DiSC profile, I would be in the Steadiness quadrant but leaning toward the influencer side of the profile. I am one who dependable and sincere, likes to support others in their endeavors and pushes toward collaboration and cooperation. I am the Ray Barone from Everybody loves Raymond. Wants to be liked by everyone, doesn’t make waves but still desires to be that person on influence. And my wife tells me of that often but I can say for record, I have never put meat in my pants pockets.

Dominance vs Steadiness

I have known a fellow for several years and in time have gained a great deal of respect for him. But the first time every meeting him, my thoughts were arrogant and opinionated. It was clear he had a dominance personality. Over the years, I have struggled with those who have a stronger personality. They tend to be more confident in their opinions and are often blunt and to the point. Sometime what they said out loud, I would have never said and that was a quality I didn’t appreciate.

As I have gained some maturity and experience, this Dominance personality was not wrong but just different and because is polar opposite from myself, it was hard to get used to. It wasn’t till I understood myself and my difference that I could appreciate them and relate to them in a different ways that ever before.

Inflence vs Conscientiousness

Another example was serving on a board and we had the task of working through the yearly budget. Several of the board members on this committee tended to be very detail oriented. They focused on numbers and is very objective in their decisions. Being the personality that is slightly Influencer in nature, I struggle with this hard and fast approach especially when people are involved. I am more relational, so that enters into my decision making process too. As a whole, it made for a very good group because each of us brought our unique personalities and gifts to the table but the challenges of working with others who are different can be challenging.

I have learned to relate to individuals who have different personality types. I don’t get too offended when the Dominance person tells me something I didn’t want to hear. I can adapt my conversation to give the Contentious person the detail they need to move forward. At the same time, I just know that the Influencer will take three call during the conversation because they like people and that’s who they are. And each of these personality types just knows, I will try my hardest to get along with everyone.

Adapt to the relationship

This uniqueness make life interesting and fun. Being able to adapt to the relationship will prove very valuable in life. So how could this information be important when dealing with landowners or those who are a valuable part of your life and your business? It is well worth the discovery of who you are and how you relate to others. Let me know your thoughts, what examples do you have to share?

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