Understanding your personality profile and everyone else’s!

What’s your personality profile?


Over the years, there have been people I have really connected with and we have formed a close relationship. Looking back at my childhood, I can remember those I was drawn to and we became good friends. These were the guys I wanted on my kickball team at recess and with whom I enjoyed 4-H. I enjoyed their company and when it was time to do something important, they were who I wanted on my side. But it was not that way with everyone.

There were others who were not bad people, but something just made a close friendship a challenge. Even today for most of us, we struggle adapting to some personalities, and this makes the relationship difficult. Because each of us are very different, understanding our own personality type as well as others can be beneficial at building and maintaining relationships.

DiSC Assessment

There are several tools for conducting a personality profile on the market today and they do a nice job. If you have been in sales, there’s a good chance you have been through one or more of these tools. But the one I have the most comfort level with is the DiSC profile. DiSC is an acronym for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Here is a brief description of each.

Dominance: best described someone who is focused on results and does thing with confidence. They accept challenges, see the big picture, and can be straight forward and to the point.

Influence: a person who is solid at persuading others. There is an openness to this individual and he/she is good at building relationships. An Influencer is enthusiastic and optimistic, likes to be around people and thrives on being the person everyone wants to be around.

Steadiness: one who is dependable, sincere, and is good at cooperation. The steady profile is one of support and with a calming manner and approach.

Conscientious: places emphasis on being accurate and pushes for quality. They are independent and objective, want details, but have a fear of being wrong.

There is more to these profiles than the brief description I provided, but it does give a snapshot of each and maybe which you best resemble. If you have not worked through this process in the past, I would definitely recommend it.  One of the values of a personality profile is determining who you are and it is only when you have a good understanding of that, that you can learn to relate to others.

Understand your profile to identify the opposite

Each of us has a personality to whom we relate best; it is normally those who are more like us. But we struggle with those who are polar opposites. For the DiSC profile, Dominance is directly opposite of Steadiness and Influencer is opposite of Conscientious. By understanding each profile differences, you can change your approach on how best to interact with the different personalities. So can this understanding be beneficial when working with members of your family, employees, sales reps, and even landowners? You bet it can. Sometimes relationships don’t come easy and it takes extra work to make them better. What are you willing to do?

Could you broaden your landowner reach by learning how to communicate best with those out of your comfort zone? Or what happens when you are interacting with multiple owners of the farm who have two different personality types? Can you relate to both while meeting with the two individuals? Understanding yourself and others will go a long way in building long-term relationships. Bird Dog just helps you get started but personal growth help is something we all should invest in.

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