Statistics of Sales

I ran across a set of statics a few day ago that I find a little intriguing. Spending some time in sales as well as leading a sales team, there were several that really stood out to me and even made me a little uncomfortable. Seeing this reminds me how important it is to constantly be pursuing prospects and continuing to build the relationship with them through follow up. According to the statistics from the National Sales Executive Association, there is a 2-5% chance of closing the sales when the first to third contacts are made with the prospect. It jumps to 10% closing rate when the forth contact is made and to an 80% closing rate when a person makes the fifth to twelfth contact. Wow, what a difference. Is there a magic number between four and five? I don’t think so, but it does take time to build some rapport and get to know the prospect and their business. This doesn’t happen overnight. The prospect at the same time is trying to decide if this individual is going to bring value to them and their business, or if they are just here to push product and make a quick buck.

As I look back at my years in sales, I can see the results of these statistics playing out. Where I have worked hard and built relationships, many of these folks became long-term clients. It is also where I helped them to think about their business in a different way. Where I decided not to engage, they never bought in to the product or service I was providing. But to be honest, they most likely they didn’t buy into me. So why am I sharing with you all my sales experience and knowledge? Because as a farmer you are in sales too. I am not talking about selling your grain or fat cattle, but selling yourself. How often do you do this? How often do you sell yourself to landowners you meet every now and then? And many times, this is not a sales call at all, but just a courteous introduction. Then maybe you will see them again or maybe that pleasure will never present itself again. As a farmer you are always selling yourself. If you apply the sales statistics from NSEA the chances improve tremendously after 5 to 12 contact are made with the individual.

Who of you are able to apply that much time into selling yourself in order to grow your farm? I know that many of you have the skills and abilities necessary to sell yourself and be very effective at it, but what about those you will not run into in your community. Even the most natural communicators would struggle putting the time into growing your farm just by making contact with those you would like to work with. We know this is not easy and as a producer you are pulled in many different directions. Bird Dog is here to create the contact for you. According to research by the Corporate Executive Board, in business to business sales, up to 60% of the sales process happens before the customer ever meet the sales rep. With the amount and access of information today, people are researching and making the majority of their buying decisions before ever talking to anyone. In this scenario, you are the sales rep. This is why Bird Dog can be a valuable piece of your overall growth plan on the farm. Let us create contacts for you and increase your chances of growing your farm. We want that first meeting with the landowner to be the closing meeting. Let’s get started today.

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