The Grand Finale


I always enjoy the 4th of July. It has been a tradition for several years to have friends over and watch the fireworks from our front yard. The town of Lebanon shoots them off across a field from our house, so we have a great view. We have joked that when we move, we need to sell our house to someone we know, just to be able to come back and watch the fireworks. It is still fun to sit back and enjoy the variety of colors, shapes, and sounds that the fireworks can bring. It is always, and I mean always when there is a series of four or five very close together that you think in your mind, is this the finale? Then as soon as it happens, it is quickly over just to move on to the next set of colorful lights. This is something that can happen several times while the show is going on, but the results are always the same. Then toward the end of the show there is a symphony of lights and booms that last for a minute or two, but when it happens, you know it is the finale.

Don’t you wish farming was like that? A series of small decisions that would eventually conclude with the mother of all results. How great would that be? In some ways it is a little like that because we do have a harvest each year and there is a conclusion to the season. But every decision we make affects current and future productivity. Every decision has an effect on your financial position, on your growth potential, and your legacy. So it is not exactly the same.

We don’t farm for the finale. Don’t get me wrong, we are happy when we achieve above our expectations, but there is always something else to work towards. We are invested in the decision that will always move us forward. Things like…how do I improve my soil quality? How can I better manage excess water? What effects will regulations have on me? How can I stay ahead of the? When is the best time to sell grain and what risk management options do I have to give myself a stable financial position? These are the precursors to the finale. So what is the finale? I think it is different for each person, but for most, it is bringing the kids back to the farm, it is establishing a legacy that will last beyond your involvement in the farm. If expansion is important to you, Bird Dog is here to help you improve your chances of growth. You determine what the finale looks like for you and we will help you get to it.

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