Can I grow beyond what my dad or granddad built?

Have you ever asked yourself this very challenging question? I know I have and am sure you have, whether or not you have verbalized it. This is a something everyone, since the beginning of time, has asked themselves and most have struggled with answering. Most people have an ambition to be better than their parents. This is not uncommon and it is not a human flaw, but an inherent drive to improve. Trust me, I have been there and if I am honest with myself, I am still there.

I remember growing up always trying to out-do dad, whether it was who was going to hit the long ball or catch the biggest fish. Even my 4-year-old son says weekly, if not daily, “I’ll beat you!” and then runs off trying to win the race whether I knew we were racing or not. These are good times, am I right? I think it is common for dads and sons to be a little competitive. This is a very important part of growing up. It teaches drive, the importance of hard work, attention to detail, and commitment towards accomplishing a goal. These are lifelong lessons and it doesn’t change once you grow up, but infiltrates into every part of your life. At some point it does change from “What do I want to accomplish on a personal level” to “What do I want to accomplish in order give a better life to my kids.”

As a dad, I want my kids to be better than me. I have talked with many over the years, and even more since starting Bird Dog, who have expressed concern and have asked this same question but maybe not exactly in the same way. Many times in conversation the question of “How can I grow my farm?” if you look a little deeper, is really the question of “Can I grow beyond what my dad did?”

If you have asked this same question, you are at the right place. We understand where you are coming from and we understand that you can’t grow the same way your dad did. There has to be a new approach. We are here to help, and we know you can do it.

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