Problems and Solutions


As we have been involved in farming for a number of years, we know and see the problems that are in place when it comes to growing your land base. We also see the old solutions and the limited success these solutions are having to help you grow. Just ask yourself one question, “Has my recent growth been strategically implemented planned or has it been achieved by chance?” Here are a few problems we have noticed over the years. If you have encountered any others not listed, please let me know what your experience has been.

ProblemOld SolutionNew Solution
High Cash rentPay more for rentPosition oneself for stewardship
Limited communication skills for networkingTake the Dale Carnige CoarseHire profesional marketimg
Limited abilities in marketing and publishingInternally have someone to build resumes and sales articlesHire profesional marketimg
Talking to landowners is considered aggressiveFarm name is always tied to the contactMarket the farm anonymously till the landowner makes a decision to change
Limited time for prospectingProspecting takes time away from other duties to networkSpend time doing the things you do well and less on Expansion Marketing
Limited distance for connecting with landownersConnect with only landowners living in your geographical areaConnect with landowners regardless of where they reside
Landowners don't realize the options they haveLimited contact results in very limited turnoverLandowners see how their land can benfit from the right tenant and practices
Landowners are becoming less connected to the farmLimit the involvement of the landownerBring leadership to the landowner on farming practices
Landowner's views of farming are shaped by public opinionLimit the involvement of the landownerBring leadership to the landowner on farming practices and their role on soil quality
Limited landowner communicationMeet with landowners just to renegotiate rentCommunicate with landowners more often keeping them informed about their farm

Bird Dog is to here to help guide you through the complexities of expansion marketing and give you the new solutions you need to take your farm growth to the next level. Do you want to feel good about the way you are growing your operation? Allow the landowner to make the informed decision to change tenants not just the high dollar decision.

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