How Will Bird Dog Work?


Since early December Bird Dog has been focused on setting the stage of why you should work with us. We have introduced the concept of expansion marketing, helped challenge your thinking about why you as the farmer have more to offer than just a rent check, the understanding that soil quality has to be a long-term focus and how to expand during these tough times. In a few weeks we will be launching our app and allowing you the opportunity to now start to market yourself and your operation to landowners you don’t know and do it in a way that is anonymous till the landowner is ready to make changes. Early on it will be you the grower pursuing the landowner and last week’s blog post laid out the process each one of you will go through to get started. That was phase one. This week I will share with you the next phase. In time our goal is to change this scenario and help you the grower become the one being pursued by the landowners.

Long term vision to create a marketplace takes time and resources, but in order to be successful we have to have one side of the market in place to pursue another. When we are working with you to pursue landowners in a certain area, our goal then is to bring awareness to the other landowners in that area you are not targeting. Our message to them will be when they are ready to make changes in tenants, look to Bird Dog to help find the right grower to meet their needs and long-term goals. In time we will receive landowners wanting us to find growers for them to work with and if you as the grower are in our system, you will have the ability to be pursued. So you now have an opportunity to pick up land by marketing yourself but you also an opportunity to grow when landowners are seeking you. There has never been a platform for this to happen. There is now.

I know we are asking you to think about things differently compared to the way you have added land in the past. With the changing landlord demographic and more competition for their land, thinking differently has to be a necessity, especially if you want to grow. Let us help market you to those landowners you may never run into in your local community. What better time to grow? Many are reluctant to make changes and do things different in these tight economic times. What about you? Is it time to sit back and wait for the better days ahead? Or is it time to grow? I think Abraham Lincoln said it best.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” ― Abraham Lincoln

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