How does Bird Dog process work?


1. Create a Bird Dog Profile
First set up your profile, including your user name, password, operational details and references, along with management team member information.

2. Complete the Grower Questionnaire
Next complete a series of questions about how you farm, what you believe about farming and how you manage your operation.

These questions will also be used to market you to potential landowners. It will indicate whether both you and the landowner have similar values and management practices in order to make the perfect match.

3. Identify land tracts
Identify tracts of land you are interested in pursuing. But do not just think of this of it as pursuing land, but pursuing landowners. One tract could become multiple if the right landowner is pursued.

4. Landowner connection process
After you have identified a tract of land, we go to work in contacting these landowners anonymously on your behalf. Each landowner will be marketed to 6-8 times per year in various ways.

5. Landowner choice
After the marketing process is complete, the landowner will then make a decision to either stay with their current tenant or decide to make a change. If the landowner is ready to take the process to the next level and make a change, they will contact Bird Dog.

6. Landowner commitment
The landowner will then complete a profile and questionnaire in order to evaluate compatibility of the grower and the landowner.

Once the evaluation is complete and found constructive, the landowner will then be sent the growers portfolio and contact information. Bird Dog will then connect with each party to set up a meeting.

7. It’s up to you
After that, it’s up to you to negotiate and begin a new chapter of growth for your farm.

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