Why Bird Dog?


Over the years working with growers, I have made several observations. One is that growers wear many hats. They focus on so many things in their operation from growing the crop to managing equipment, from marketing their grain to maintaining landlord relationships, and all details in between. But few have a strategic plan when it comes to how to promote themselves and how to grow their land base.

The second issue is they don’t want to harm their reputation by being the aggressive farmer that steals the neighbor’s farm. Would they lease those acres if the land owner approached them? How and when does that grower know if a land owner is interested in changing tenants? What can they do to sell and promote themselves? Out of this frustration comes the answer. Fetch Bird Dog!
Bird Dog was co-founded by Daryl Starr and Dave Myers to give growers an alternative to the prospecting scenario they have grown to hate. So why work with Bird Dog?

  • I want to increase the acres I am farming.
  • I want a way to market myself and my operation to prospective landlords.
  • I want to create a professional marketing package for my operation.
  • I want to let land owners know I am interested without being seen as too aggressive.
  • I want to match myself up with the land owners who have long-term goals like mine.
  • I don’t have time or the expertise to create all the necessary resources to grow.
  • I don’t want higher cash rent to be my only alternative for growth.

If this is you and you have these same frustrations, Bird Dog is here to help. We look forward to helping you fetch new land.

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