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Finding the right farmer has never been so easy!

If stewardship, innovation, trust and character are important to you, then you're at the right place.
Let's get started helping you find the tenant who is right for you and your land.
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What is the wrong tenant costing you?

It is hard to find the right farmer to rent your land. Now you finally have options. Let's get started today!
Does your current tenant have long-term goals for your land?

We know that your farmland is not the only thing you think about each day. You own your land for many reasons, but it is an important part of your personal and financial future. Who is thinking about how to bring more value to your land and what does that value look like?

Working with the right farmer is a good way to bring more value to your investment and at the same time provide a high-quality food source to a growing population.

Now you have the opportunity to find a farmer who is known for their productivity and innovation, and who values sustainability and stewardship as a way of doing business.

It's your land, it's your legacy!

  • Through email or a phone call, we will help you identify what is important to you and your farmland.

  • With our vast network of farmers, we can find those who are best for you and your land.

  • You meet with the prospective farmers and identify who is best for your long-term plan.

  • The relationship between the landowner and the farmer is very important. Have peace of mind in knowing who you work with.

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It's your land, it's your legacy. Bird Dog helps sniff out the right farmer for you.

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