Farm Growth

Land Transfers and how it will affect Farm Growth

How will land transfers affect your farm growth? Have you thought about buying land recently? What does the near future look like for this ambitious but important goal? According to the USDA Economic Research Service, of the 911 million acres in the lower 48 states. Along with that, 31% of the land today is owned[…]

Value-added Landowners

Some Landowners Are Seeking Value-Added not Commodities

What are landowners looking for? Landowners come in many shapes and sizes, figuratively speaking. As you look at the diversity of this group, they cannot be lumped into one or even two categories. Their demographics are many and their thoughts of how their land should be utilized is also diverse. I spoke to a landowner[…]


Right after college I went to work for a major turkey company and spent over ten years working in the turkey breeder business. If you have ever been involved with a large-scale livestock operation, especially breeders, biosecurity is a number one priority. Exposure to anything harmful could mean lower production or even loss of the[…]